About this blog

First let me say how much I have enjoyed your blogged rug meetings.  Really fascinating and instructive.  A great service…and entry into the collector’s world.”

Peter Collingwood

“These regular morning sessions have been a continuing source of information and appreciation that needs to be retained and revitalized…Your blog is an excellent tool to broadcast these happenings to a larger audience.”

Dennis Dodds

This is a site is exclusively dedicated to the distribution of virtual versions of The Textile Museum’s free “Rug and Textile Appreciation Morning” programs to a larger audience.

These programs are necessarily held in the Myers Room, which can accommodate a maximum audience of 65.

In my view, these programs often merit a much larger audience and this blog is devoted to attempting, modestly, to enlarge it.

The posts I have made most recently are listed in the sidebar to the right of this text. Only the most recent of these virtual sessions that I have produced are visible in that listing.  Previous ones may be found by exploring the archives a little further down.

I send announcements of  each new post to a list of “ruggies” that I have.  If you receive such an announcement and think that others may enjoy these posts, please forward my announcing email.  I want, especially, to encourage ACOR representatives and those in rug and textile clubs and groups in other countries to do so.

I hope you will enjoy these virtual versions of the TM’s RTAM programs and will aid me in distributing them to the larger audience they deserve.

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R. John Howe

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